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Public Drop Off Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am to 11:00 am

Vehicle & Trailer restrictions apply: Act 90 Requirements
green machine recycling processing equipment
One of Western PA's Most Advanced Recycling Facilities
tc recycling's processing machinery and sorter
One of Western PA's Most Advanced Recycling Facilities
employees at tc recycling
One of Western PA's Most Advanced Recycling Facilities
tc recycling plant in action
One of Western PA's Most Advanced Recycling Facilities

TC Recycling, LLC: Investing in Pennsylvania's Future

TC Recycling is located in Mars, PA and provides recycling services for Vogel Disposal Service, Tri-County Industries, Valley Waste and many other waste hauling companies in Western PA and Eastern Ohio. Our goal is to find a new home for many of the materials that are thrown away in our coverage area and divert reusable resources from entering the landfill.

Recycling involves processing used materials into new products. By recycling, we can:

Prevent waste of potentially useful materials

Reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials

Decrease Energy Consumption and Waste


TC Recycling's Investment Into Green Technology

TC Recycling has recently invested several million dollars into state-of-the-art sorting and processing equipment. Watch our video to see some methods used to help us process more recyclable materials with greater efficiency and less waste.

Also, please see our recycling technology page to see more details and benefits from this investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer your questions about TC Recycling at a glance.

What safety information should I know when visiting TC Recycling?

Safety First Logo
Please see our Visitor Health & Safety Page for detailed safety information about the TC Recycling site. Click Here

Do you accept drop-offs?

Our drop-off facilities enable you to haul your own garbage or drop off a bag. Recycling drop-off facilities are also available. Learn more about the Hutchman Road Convenience Center.

What should I do with electronic waste?

E-waste (unbroken televisions and monitors, computers and laptops, printers, and computer peripherals) is now accepted at the Hutchman Road Convenience Center. Learn more about disposing of e-waste.

What materials does TC Recycling process?

Please consult your municipality or collection service's recycling guidelines to see what they will collect. Our facility processes the materials listed here.

How much recyclable material does TC Recycling process?

Our equipment is able to process 120 tons of recyclable materials in an 8 hour shift.